Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Summer Mirage

I asked for spring
but this sweaty night
told me it was summer
so instead I sing
of sleepy streams.

There was a willow
that held the birds and
ants in equal harmonium
but its kings,

(you see, there were many,
but just one queen)

were the honeybees
that sang around their nectar pot:

for honey is the liquor
of summer nights under
flickering stars and talk
while holding a fruity drink.

But what of summer?

We remember
when the earth turns cold:

a cliff above the beach

a woman’s garter
waiting to be reached

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  1. I loved recalling that image in the lines

    a cliff above the beach

    a woman's garter
    waiting to be reached

    Now I can't wait for my own summer vacation to start.

    Thank you

  2. Summer is here. No garters at the beach..just bikini strings waiting for a pull, I suspect.

  3. This is refreshing! A beautiful piece, awesome imagery and pace to this too, enjoyed :)

  4. oo its a naughty bit of summer reaching for the garter...just what is in that fruity drink...and did you make enough for allof us? smiles.

  5. We are just coming into the warmer weather now. We have another week or two before all the bugs which bite and sting arrive, this is the time we love the most.
    Loved the imagery in this, playful, warm and, a little sensual.

  6. Sometimes, summer
    can be hotter during the winter,
    through the contrast of memories... like this.

  7. evocative imagery ... bring on summer ... nice

  8. Your summer sounds dreamy. I love it. Right now, I hear thunder and the rain is about to pour, the wind is blowing fiercely. Thanks for the dream.

  9. I love your take on summer..playful and fun...and of course, the last two lines said it all :-)

  10. Summer with quaint:)

  11. Thanks for the summer visit. Not quite there yet in the High Desert of Oregon! Enjoyed reading your poem.

  12. this is making me long for Spain and the easy feeling of heat and no pressure!

  13. Oh, light and beautiful, just like a summer day : ) Thank you!
    -Eva VP


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