Saturday, May 26, 2012

Joy in the Land of the Living


Open the gate:
outside, the woods are quiet
inside, the city's sound

Tickled by 
wind impatient:
surprising joy

A bee's wings
buzz my ears
in honey sound

across the street:
in a moment, we're one

Reason undone
by logic's law:
lay down and give me a kiss

I kissed you
but all I tasted
was chocolate

Drunk with night
the morning stars
sang each other's songs


Life's a record;
the joy
is in a name

She wore the colors of earth:
her face a ring
her palms the warmth

Marathon miles
a century smiles:
she was only thirty

The dream ended
when time was creeping 
out of sight

laid her robe
in living earth


I went for a walk
with God
in rapturous talk

A sermon on pity
is worthless if witty:
what does a good man feel?

Do we weep in joy,
or weep in pity?
Our soul is in the winter's grip

the salted herb
I tasted the honeyed fruit


The water is shallow
the fields are fallow:
five hens came home to roost

The mists of pleasure 
hide the treasure:
a land of dreams

Defiling desire:
her beauty
a train of youth

The stroll
of marriage:
two joined in weakness


The earth
is where you've been before:
foundation of stone

Modest as cake
we walked
to the final day

Born into a world of joy:
the bones enwrapped, 
an earthly toy

Beauty in ashes:
her laugh
emanates above

He repents
but do we joy
in his release?

Note: This is fiction; the narrator "I" is not myself personally. Written for Haiku Heights' 5/26/2012 prompt, "Joy."  Also linked to dVerse. I was going to link it for the Saturday prompt because it started off on a similar theme, but then it got a bit too heavy for the theme, I thought.


  1. Awesome series of haiku. Thank you for sharing. It is a joy to read these ones.

  2. WOW WOW WOW.. this is the only words that I came across after reading each set... amazing!

  3. Lost in between, read it again,. I second Maharukh,. WOW!

  4. love those last couple of stanzas...

  5. Excellent series. Particularly liked the one about talking to God. I'm not a believer (in the traditional sense), but I've always wondered how a conversation with a omnipotent being would be like, how it would see everything.

  6. nice...some really great lines in that orphans stopped my reading to ponder it...and then again with Embracing
    the salted herb
    I tasted the honeyed fruit
    great line that as the story telling in this as well...nicely done sir...

  7. Some very vivid images and encapsulated thoughts--joy has taken you many places here.

  8. A lovely wander through the corridors of your mind. Yes, lovely!

  9. haiku jedi, you are! lots of great lines & imagery

  10. Beautiful haiku offering ~ I can't picked a fav part, they are all lovely ~


  11. "Embracing
    the salted herb
    I tasted the honeyed fruit", love, LOVE this line!

  12. Excellent, the flow and the reflection the MC went throw. The description of the female was just awesome.

  13. i liked "life's a record" there is so much meaning. is a record, like a file? or like a computer file? or is a a recording, like movie, or a record, like a CD, and it's artistic? i guess it's all those things

    spaceship tanka

  14. "Do we weep in joy, or weep in pity?" ... that line slid right off the tongue and made me think. I like your dedication to length here, nicely done.

  15. excellent haikus -- wow, it is totally loaded with images! I will need to revisit and reread again -- pondering! I like the format of the different stanzas -- interesting progression of I thru V -- beginning to ending! God and I!

    "the earth . . where you have been before" "foundation of stone"
    dust to dust -- ashes released back into the world
    heaven sent


  16. i like them all but section II was my fav with her wearing the colors of earth and then time running out..the orphans..very moving write..

  17. Beautiful haiku with a touch of wistfulness...loved them :)

  18. Lovely lovely!

    Particularly lovely:

    "A bee's wings
    buzz my ears
    in honey sound"

    Lovely imagery!

    Anna :o]

  19. I like that 'Joy' is can happen anytime anywhere spontaneously!


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